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Sho-Rack provides Newspaper Racks for your Needs


Coin Operated Newspaper Vending Machine

The Heavy Duty Newspaper vending machine that has proven to provide many years of trouble-free, reliable service!

Refurbished and Used

Give your old newspaper racks new life with our Refurbishing Program. Find good deals on used racks.

Specialty Items and Sales

Sho-Rack manufactures drop boxes. Take a look at our Sales Items! 

Free Publication

Sho-Rack offers a large line of Free Publication Display Newspaper Racks from small to large capacity!

TK-Advantage Software

Kaspar Sho-Rack's TK Advantage software allows collection, storage and reporting of news rack and store sales data for single copy circulation management


Quality and longevity receive priority as Sho-Rack offers a complete line of In-store Newspaper Racks. 
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